e hënë, 23 korrik 2007

by ~endrju100 (Click on the image for bigger size)

It’s a great pleasure to get post endrju creative Art's.
It’s a great art work done by endrju.please comment about this ART. And make endrju to do more such a lovely Arts.


My private deamons

Zodiac : Libra

Spring melancholy


Play with me..

Diva's farewell..

State of mind : Imagination...

Somewhere in my dreams


The day I saw her :4 seasons:

Red temptation

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Anonim 2 janar 2008 në 12:05 e pasdites  

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Anonim 19 mars 2008 në 4:33 e pasdites  

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Anonim 23 dhjetor 2008 në 8:39 e pasdites  

Hi dear friend...wow...your blog very beautiful, I very like, wonderful art picture there.

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