e martë, 8 maj 2007


DazzArt.Welcomes You All.For Great Art And Wallpapers.
So come.and Download your wallpapers.

Thank you

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firedance99 16 korrik 2007 në 4:47 e paradites  

It is in breach of copyright to offer these wallpapers unless you have the artists' permission.

Smi 16 korrik 2007 në 9:24 e paradites  

All these works are from other artists. Do you have their permission? I don't think so. It's violation of copyright laws to offer them without permission.

Anonim 16 korrik 2007 në 11:46 e paradites  

you need to remove all of the art on the site that does not belong to you. you do not have specific written consent from all of the artists, and crediting them by giving their name is just not enough. if you would like to prevent legal action, which will be taken. then you should do the easiest thing, AND REMOVE THEM!!!!

endrju100 16 korrik 2007 në 2:54 e pasdites  

You don't have a permission to use our works... Delete them.. You're breaking the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tamandimitri 17 korrik 2007 në 1:42 e paradites  

DELETE these works! They are not your own, this is STEALING which is a CRIME!

endrju100 17 korrik 2007 në 3:39 e paradites  

From now Deepak is allowed to post my works in this blog under one condition: He must link back to my deviantart.com portfolio.

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